Managing the College Application Process for Maximum Results

...Pam Proctor’s clients have been admitted to such colleges as: Amherst, Harvard, Cornell, Wesleyan, Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame,  Georgetown, Bowdoin, Davidson, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Williams, Columbia, Vanderbilt, Tufts, Georgia Tech, SMU, Wheaton (IL), Case Western Reserve, Purdue, Elon, Clemson, University of Florida, Miami University of Ohio, U Colorado Boulder, University of Miami, Colorado College, Penn State, Tulane, Boston College, Rutgers, College of Charleston, University of Maryland, University of Georgia, Juniata, University of New Hampshire, Baylor, Florida State, University of Michigan, University of Virginia, George Washington University, Northwestern, William and Mary, Vassar, MIT, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, Emory, Santa Clara University, New York University, Bates, Wellesley, Washington University in St. Louis, Colby, University of Southern California, Washington & Lee, Wake Forest, Syracuse, Union College, Trinity College, Boston University, Pitzer, University of Maryland, Mount Holyoke College, Villanova, and accelerated medical programs…


"My daughter would not have been accepted at the Ivy League school of her choice, without the help of Pam Proctor."

- Scarsdale, New York


College Application Consultants is a professional organization that works with motivated students and parents to help maximize opportunities for college and graduate school admission.

For a limited number of private clients, Pam Proctor offers a comprehensive, customized program that follows a student through the entire college application process.   Pam guides students in everything from selecting a range of colleges…to finding a unique “hook”to brainstorming and writing essays…to polishing an eye-catching résumé…to networking with college admissions staffers…to playing off the SAT against the ACT…to making strategic decisions every step of the way.

Our students have gained admissions to the nation’s most selective colleges and universities, including the Ivy League, Little Ivies, Stanford, Northwestern, and accelerated medical programs.  On the graduate level, clients have been admitted to leading MBA programs, law schools, graduate schools, and medical schools.

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“The résumé unified my application and enabled me to highlight my strengths.  It's clear that the law school admissions committees read my résumé and understood what I had to offer.”

                                       -   Student, NYU School of Law

From New York to New Delhi, Pam's private clients range across the globe.   In the U.S., they hail from such states as California, Texas, Illinois, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, New York, Connecticut, Mississippi, Colorado and New Jersey.  Overseas, they come from such countries as Spain, Singapore, India, China, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates.  

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Packaging Yourself for College

College Application Consultants, Inc. is a Florida corporation founded in 1999 by Pam Proctor and William Proctor. Pam, a former senior editor of Parade and author of eleven nonfiction books, is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College with a master’s degree in government from Claremont Graduate University. William has written more than eighty fiction and nonfiction books – including international bestsellers. He is a graduate of Harvard College and The Harvard Law School.

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The College Application Consultants Program

Through our comprehensive program, students learn:

• How to Master the Application – a step-by-step guide to filling out college applications for maximum advantage. Click here to read Pam’s comments on filling in the application’s activity list in the 2008 edition of U.S. News & World Report’s “America’s Best Colleges.”

How to Find Your College Hook – the secret weapon that will help you sell yourself to colleges.

• How to Write a Winning College Essay – a professional writer’s inside tips for putting your best foot forward.

• How to Create an Eye-Catching Résumé – the marketing tool that can help you communicate your College Hook and other strengths. Click here to read Pam Proctor’s comments on résumés in the 2003 edition of “America’s Best Colleges” by U.S. News & World Report.

• How to Target Colleges That Are Right for You – the nuts and bolts of researching and choosing a strategic range of appropriate colleges.

• How to Make the SAT and ACT Work for You – a strategic approach to strengthening your application. Click here to read Pam Proctor’s advice on playing off the SAT against the ACT in Kaplan-Newsweek’s 2004 edition of “How to Get Into College.”


• Plus…The Write Stuff

How to Score High on the PSAT, SAT and ACT
– a hands-on tutorial service, offered as an adjunct to our college application program, that preps students for the Critical Reading and Writing sections of the PSAT and SAT and the English, Reading and essay sections of the ACT with writing. GRE prep is also available.Click here to learn about Bill Proctor’s one-on-one tutoring program

Author Pam Proctor of College Application Consultants, Inc. with Students at the Vero Beach Book Center

What our clients say...

“My son now is a very different person from the boy whose college career you launched. In this process, he crossed the bridge to adult awareness and remarkable self-understanding. The Talmud says we should honor a teacher as a parent. My wife was the mother of the child and you are the mother of the new adult.”

— Father, New York, New York

“Your ideas, encouragement, and enthusiasm have been invaluable.”

— Father, Vero Beach, Florida

“The résumé unified my application and enabled me to highlight my strengths. It’s clear from the comments on the acceptance letters I’ve received that the law school admissions committees read my résumé and understood what I had to offer.”

- University of Virginia Senior,
on his admission to Georgetown
and NYU Law Schools

Pam Proctor author of The College Hook featured in US News & World Report - America's Best Colleges

“College is great and I’m having the time of my life. I have you to thank for all of this. You really helped me out with my essays: crimping, cutting and perfecting. I could never have done it without you.”

College Freshman, New York, New York


“IT CAME JUST NOW! I just received a letter from my #1 college and I was accepted! I am so happy that I had to e-mail you immediately. You were a big part of my acceptances, not only to the school I wanted most, but to all the other colleges as well. Thanks for all the help.”

— Student, Vero Beach, Florida

“The next few years are definitely going to be a nerve-racking experience, but thanks to your brilliant guidance it is going to be easier for me. Now I have a general understanding of what I should strive to perfect and what I should be doing the remaining years of my high school life.”

— 10th Grader, New Delhi, India

“Pam Proctor brought a fresh perspective to my daughter’s boarding school application. She elicited details that I might have overlooked and pulled them together in a way that helped my daughter present a complete picture of her talents. What’s more, working with Pam relieved me of the pressure to set deadlines and be a nudge. I can honestly say the boarding school application process was a breeze!”

Mother, Vero Beach, Florida

“Our son’s college is a perfect match. We all know how he got there, how his feet were set on this path, and who was the creative mentor and guardian of his success.”

-Mother, New York, New York

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Author Pam Proctor in Vero Beach, Florida

College Application Consultants is located in Vero Beach, Florida and specializes in assisting students with the college admission application.
...Read Pam’s latest book The College Hook, Second Edition: Packaging Yourself to Win the College Admissions Game, now in a new updated e-book edition for Kindle and Nook...