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The College Hook, Second Edition by Pam Proctor


Original 2007 Edition
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The College Hook by Pam Proctor


What’s your best bet for admission to the college of your choice?

Answer: THE COLLEGE HOOK, Second Edition, the acclaimed guide by admissions expert Pam Proctor – now updated in e-book format.
In this new, updated e-book, Pam makes the secrets of college admission accessible to students around the globe.

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The Bulletin of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) described Pam Proctor and the original edition of THE COLLEGE HOOK this way:

“With her businesslike tenor and candid advice, Pam Proctor presents a user-friendly road map for college applicants… THE COLLEGE HOOK is an excellent resource for prospective students, parents and counselors alike.”

Julie Vultaggio, NACAC Bulletin

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Pam Proctor
, author of the newly updated college admissions guide, The College Hook, Second Edition, has written twelve nonfiction books, including a celebrity memoir with Today Show personality Willard Scott and two inspirational books with world renowned artist Thomas Kinkade.

Points of Light by Thomas Kinkade

Her latest collaboration, Points of Light: A Celebration of the American Spirit of Giving, co-authored with Kinkade and Robert Goodwin, President of the Points of Light Foundation, features a foreword by former President George Bush. The book was published in 2006 by Center Street (Hachette Book Group, formerly Warner Books). Click here to order Points of Light.

"If ever a book demonstrated why your life is worth a noble motive, this is it. Simply inspiring."

— Walter Anderson, Parade



Pam’s other collaborations range from medical how-to books with dermatologist Amy E. Newburger, M.D. and veterinarian Allen M. Schoen, D.V.M. to the highly acclaimed memoir and family saga of former Vietnamese refugee Anh Vu Sawyer (Warner Faith, 2003).

Song of Saigon by Anh Vu Sawyer & Pam Proctor

Photo of Anh Vu Sawyer and Pam Proctor

Click here for a link to Song of Saigon’s Anh Vu Sawyer.

" …vivid testimony to faith and the human spirit amidst chaos and daunting change."

— Kirkus Review

"This is the poignant, well-told story of Sawyer, who, at the age of 20, fled her native Vietnam just as the North Vietnamese stood poised to capture Saigon. Anh Sawyer tells of her harrowing escape, along with throngs of other panicked Vietnamese, through the American Embassy and onto a boat overcrowded with other refugees…This is a moving story, and thanks partly to the skill of Proctor (coauthor of Willard Scott’s The Joy of Living), readers will stay with it to the end.”

—Publishers Weekly


“…stirring testament to the tenacity of the human spirit.”




Looking Good at Any Age by Amy E Newbureger, M.D. and Pam Proctor

Click here for a link to Amy Newburger, M.D.

“Dr. Newburger leaves no stone unturned in her comprehensive guide to understanding women’s skin…”

—Publishers Weekly

“...scientifically sound and psychologically exciting..."

Lynn Drake, M.D.
Past President
American Academy of Dermatology


Love, Miracles and Animal Healing by Allen M. Schoen D.V.M. and Pam Proctor

Click here for a link to Allen M. Schoen, D.V.M.   

German Edition - Love, Miracles and Animal Healing by Allen M. Schoen D.V.M. and Pam Proctor
German Edition
Japanese Edition - Love, Miracles and Animal Healing by Allen M. Schoen D.V.M. and Pam Proctor
Japanese Edition
Italian Edition of Love, Miracles and Animal Healing by Allen M. Schoen DVM and Pam Proctor
Italian Edition


"I love this book so much that I read portions of it aloud to friends. "

—Richard Gere


"A compassionate and deeply moving book by a veterinarian with rare understanding of the emotional as well as the physical needs of his patients.  Anyone who loves animals will find it absorbing and educational."

—Henry Kissinger

"Shoen is an American James Herriot with a difference... "



Books written by author Pam Proctor
...Read Pam’s latest book The College Hook, Second Edition: Packaging Yourself to Win the College Admissions Game, now in a new updated e-book edition for Kindle and Nook...